PrimeXBT Telegram Support Bot
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PrimeXBT Telegram Bot can be used to check your core account statistics, active orders, open positions, current market rates for all available instruments and trading pairs and additionally allows you to contact our Support team via live chat format directly from your Telegram application.

How to connect your PrimeXBT account to our Telegram bot

To access the telegram bot and connect it to your PrimeXBT account, follow these simple steps (make sure to enable 2FA on your account before proceeding):

1️⃣ Log into your account. Go to the System Preferences menu. Click on the 'Connect Bot' button.

2️⃣ Copy your digital secret key and click on the 'MyPrimeXBTBot' link as shown in the screenshot:

3️⃣ Once you are redirected to Telegram, click 'START'.

4️⃣ Paste your Digital secret key into the chat to connect your PrimeXBT account to our Telegram Bot. Once you have done this you will receive an 'Authorization successful!' message and the list of available commands.

How to contact PrimeXBT support via our Telegram bot

Now that you have connected your PrimeXBT account to our Telegram Bot, you can also contact our support team via live chat directly from telegram:

1️⃣ Type /help in the bot chat and follow the provided instructions.

2️⃣ You are now connected via live chat. Feel free to ask for help, assistance or any other questions related to PrimeXBT.

To disconnect your PrimeXBT account from the Telegram Bot, simply go to the System Preferences menu and click the 'Disconnect' button in the 'Telegram Bot' module.

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