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Understanding Crypto Futures Trade Interface
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Crypto Futures trading platform is available in your account by navigating to the Main page, selecting the 'Trade' tab and clicking on the 'Crypto Futures' sub-section button.

Under the 'Trade' tab the interface of your account will display 'Crypto Futures' and 'Global Markets' sub-sections, i.e. where the last mentioned is your classic margin trading account.

Additionally, you can access Crypto Futures platform from the Android application of the platform:

Navigate to the 'Home' section and select 'Crypto Futures' trading platform:

You will be redirected to the 'Trade' section of 'Crypto Futures' trading terminal.

The 'Trade' page (also known as Trading Terminal or Trade Interface) is where all trading actions are performed - placing orders, managing positions, monitoring market charts, etc.:

The Trade Interface of the platform is used to monitor the market, place trades, control your orders, positions and reflects detailed statistics of your trading account. Trade interface consists of 2 main parts: the Financial Summary bar and your Workspace (outlined with yellow and blue accordingly in the screenshot above).

Financial Summary bar

The Financial Summary bar consists of 5 sections: Contract specifications, Financial summary bar, Fund, Report a Bug, and Account management sub-menu:

1. Contract specifications

Here you will find detailed information and trading conditions for the selected instrument:

  • Markets tab

  • 24H High & 24H Low prices

  • 24H Volume

  • Maker / Taker fees

  • Financing (Long / Short) rates

  • Next Financing countdown timer

  • All Conditions tab

Select the 'Markets' tab to switch between the available trading instruments to trade:

Additionally, you can select the 'All Conditions' tab to review detailed trading and margin conditions for the selected instrument.

2. Financial summary bar

Here you will find financial details of your trading account:

By default the 'Financial summary bar' reflects Free Margin and Equity levels of your trading account.

Click the 3 dots button next to the Account ID indicator to review detailed financial summary of your trading account:

  • Equity: reflects Balance + Unrealized P/L (from all open positions)

  • Free Margin: free margin that can currently be used for trading;

  • Balance: Trading account balance;

  • Unrealized P/L: reflects combined Profit/Loss from all open positions;

  • Used Margin: total amount of margin that is currently reserved in open positions and pending orders;

  • Isolated Margin: amount of margin assigned to certain positions, which cannot be shared across different positions;

  • Maintenance Margin: minimum amount of margin reserved to maintain pending orders and open positions;

  • Margin Ratio Cross: margin that is currently reserved in open positions;

Additionally you can select which financial indicators you want to reflect in your trading account.

Note that you can select only 2 financial indicators of your trading account to be reflected on the 'Financial summary bar' at once.

3. Fund

The Fund option allows you to transfer funds from your Wallet to your trading account:

Click on the green 'Fund' button to open the deposit sub-section:

  • Select the amount you wish to allocate to your trading account

  • Complete the transfer by clicking on the blue 'Transfer' button

Additionally you can select the 'Deposit' option to make a deposit to your PrimeXBT account.

4. Report a Bug

Provides you with quick access to live chat with the customer support team to report a bug or ask any questions about the platform:

5. Account management sub-menu

The Account management sub-menu consists of 4 sub-sections:

  • Withdraw: allows you to transfer funds from the trading account to your wallet;

  • Enable One-click trading: enable/disable available trade modes;

  • Education: quick access to Help Center FAQ page;

  • Tutorial: step-by-step tutorial about the main features of the trade interface;

Withdrawals option allows you to transfer funds to the wallet:

Enable One-click trading options allows you to select the desired trading mode. Clicking on this button will bring up the trading mode confirmation menu:

One-click trading mode allows you to control orders and positions with one-click. Orders and positions will be Sent/Canceled/Closed immediately and without confirmation prompts.

  • Default order type is set to 'Market';

  • No protection orders are attached to new orders (but can be added manually after an order has been placed);

  • New order quantity is defined by the quantity selector in the Place Order section.

Make sure to exercise caution when using One-click trading mode as accidental clicks can lead to unwanted orders and positions being placed.

Once the One-click trading mode is enabled, you can disable it by returning to the Account management sub-menu and selecting 'Disable One-click trading' button to bring up the confirmation menu.

By selecting Education option, you will be redirected to the PrimeXBT Help Center.

By clicking on the 'Tutorial' button, you will start a step-by-step tutorial about the main features of the trade interface:

Click on the blue 'Let`s go!' button to complete the tutorial and familiarise yourself with the main features of the Trade Interface.

Note that you can always skip the tutorial by selecting the corresponding 'Skip tutorial' option in the upper-right corner of the interface.


Workspace is the area of the 'Trade' page where all trading is performed.

The workspace consists of 6 sections: Markets, Chart, Place Order, Summary, Order book and Trades.

You can customise your workspace by clicking on the arrow buttons in the upper right corner of each section.

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