Adding Widgets and customising your Workspace
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Workspace is the area of the Trade page where all of your Widgets are shown. All trading is performed in your workspaces.

The 4 default widgets are Chart, Watchlist, Positions and Orders. You can add or remove any widgets from your workspace by clicking the '+ Add Widgets' button:

Clicking on the '+' widget button to bring up the Widget menu:

There are 7 different widgets which can be added to your Workspace:

  • Chart widget: highly customizable Chart with a large array of charting tools

  • Watchlist widget: helps monitor market activity for selected trading pairs

  • Dashboard widget: shows Spreads for selected assets and specific order volumes.

  • Positions widget: allows you to manage all open Positions

  • Orders widget: allows you to manage all active Orders

  • Trades widget: reflects recently executed Orders

  • Messages widget: reflects logs of all recently placed, cancelled, rejected, modified or executed orders, as well as margin call and position liquidation notifications and system messages.

Link/Unlink widget feature

The Link/Unlink widget feature allows you to link your Chart and Watchlist widgets to each other. When linked, clicking on a trading pair in the Watchlist widget, will automatically bring up the Chart for that pair in the Chart widget.

To link a widget, click on link button at the top of the widget. The button is blue when a widget is linked and black when it isn't.

Adding new Workspaces

Additional Workspaces can be added to the Trade page by clicking the '+' button as shown in the screenshot:

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